Campbell's Fifth Birthday


We had originally planned Campbell's party for last weekend, but it rained. Today (May 10th 2003) was perfect. Low 80s with a slight breeze. Most everyone was able to come. We had 35 total -- 15 children ranging from almost one to seven.

Keeping with his Cinco de Mayo birth, we planned a taco-bar fiesta.

It started on the whiteboard and ended up as a party.

Tacos, burritos, and taco salad.

Festive limes

Jay and Stephanie brought balloons.

Flowers for the table.

Jay and Stephanie Flowers in the garden.

Cosco 7-layer dip.

The cactus and frog guard the sodas.

To keep 15 kids entertained we had a jumpy. Our shuttles had no problems.

Campbell's grandparents found a place in the shade.

More shade for the grands.

John Ulbrich looking cool and rested.

Megan chalking up the patio.

Megan jumping while Campbell watches the cactus.

Stacy and Sawyer Kahl snacking on chips.

Shawna Gravette watching the action.

Glenna and Ian Andersen visit with Stacy Kahl.

Rodney Andersen enjoying the warm afternoon.

Rodney and Ian getting some sun.

We had strawberry lemonade for the children. Note the sunscreen on the back of the table -- doing our part to prevent skin cancer.

Mark Ulbrich and John having some 7-layer dip.

John Kahl explains what's what.

John and Sawyer Kahl in the west garden having some quiet time.

Debbie Dickson, Kathy Carroll, and Debie Ulbrich finishing up lunch.

Alicia Goff.

Campbell heads in for a small break.

Cooper gives the frog a whack


Darragh knocked the frog senseless.

Alexis gave it her best.

Davy hit it like a real pro.

The frog finally exploded and the children ran for the candy.

Cooper plays with the chalk.

Campbell tries not to SARS the cake as he blows out the candles.

Glenna and Rodney.