Christmas 2002

Christmas 2002 - The Cast

The Fickett Family
Bill, Kerry, Campbell, and Cooper

The House Family -- Bill's Parents
Tom and Mimi

The Rising Family -- Kerry's Parents
Ed and Mary

Ellen Tanner -- Bill's Aunt

The Lim Family
Shawn and Hope (the former Miss Tanner)

Christmas 2002 started with the arival of Ed and Mary Rising. Kerry's parents come and stay at our house usually for 7-10 days. This year will be 9 days. The boys love having them here -- Campbell always wants pop to scare him.

Christmas morning was full of family time and presents.

Cooper with the traditional stocking orange.

Campbell being excited about Christmas.

Christmas Dinner this year was at our house. Kerry and I tried to make the house as festive as possible. Ed and Mary helped move chairs and tables to get ready for large-scale dining.

Table set in 50's blue and silver.

Close-up of silver trees Kerry found in South Coast.

We had a traditional meal of prime rib, stuffed tomatoes, potatoes,
and green beans. Dessert was bread pudding or cheesecake. Some chose both.

Ellen made the tomatoes and potatoes. Bill, Kerry and Mary made the prime rib and green beans. Mimi made all the Hors D'oeuvres -- salmon three ways and meat balls.

Dinner. View of our persimmon kitchen.


Ed and Mary with their paper crowns from the Christmas crackers.

Hope and Shawn. Shawn is trying to solve the puzzle from the cracker.

Auntie Ellen showing off her cracker prize.

Bill in his hat.

Campbell in his hat.

We took pictures of everyone in their hats, but some were too good to use. I'm saving them to use for blackmail.

Matella and Grandpa (Bill's parents) with the boys. They do not like to drive in the dark -- so they fled Valencia shortly after this picture was taken. Mimi did not like any of the pix that were taken -- so she's been blured.

Hope and Shawn are expecting their first child in May 2003.

Chirstmas was great. All the food was wonderful. All the family a blessing. It was as perfect a Christmas as any family could want.