O How it Stinks -- The Corpse Flower

On August 8, 2002 we went to Huntington Gardens to see and smell their Corpse Flower. The night before the local news was covering the second blooming of the Corpse Flower in three years. Since it blooms so infrequently, we decided it was worth taking the day off and going to experience the flower.

There were queues at the gate when we arrived. We hurried out of our car and queued up to see/smell the flower. It was hot and it was still early. We could smell the flower before we could see it. When we finally got to the viewing area, we heard the docent telling people that it was much stinkier yesterday.

After the flowers we spent time time wandering the gardens and museums. Then we headed off to one of our favorite Pasadena haunts, Pie-N-Burger.