Easter 2003 -- Valencia

Easter this year was at our house. Just the nine -- The 4 Ficketts, 1 Tanner, 2 Lims, and 2 Houses. Hope is due in May, so our plans for a picnic were scrapped in favor of an environment an eight-month pregnant woman could enjoy.

The menu:

Ham, potato salad, Parisian salad, fruit salad, rolls, and pies. (We kept the picnic menu.)

This Easter Kerry and I decided that it would be nice to have a centerpiece with meaning; so we thought an empty tomb would be perfect.

Paper Mache was the perfect medium for our centerpiece. The boys enjoyed getting their fingers gooey in the mixture.

A close up of the empty tomb before the table is set for dinner.

The table is set and we're ready for everyone to arrive.

We put Bible passages around the empty tomb.

Our flowers put on a good show for the day.

We set areas around the garden so our guests could find quiet places.

The boy's grandpa is sitting in the side yard waiting for dinner.

The Ficketts and the Houses wait for the Tanner and Lims to arrive.

Still waiting.

Kerry looking wonderful while the ham glazes.

Shawn and Hope, and Ellen.

Mimi and Tom -- she kept laughing at Campbell's jokes -- I think she just wanted to make sure her photo was fuzzy.

We decided to save $$$ so we got our ham again from CostCo. Kirkland makes wonderful ham -- it is at least as good as HoneyBaked™. The trick to getting the glaze right is boiling it for 3-5 min -- pretend you're making candy.

When Ellen asked what she could bring, we told her coconut cream pie. She brought two; one with meringue, one with whipped cream.

Hope and Shawn resting after dinner. Hope is due any day!

Ellen brought the boys Christmas presents. Yes she was over at Christmas, but she loves being late.

Tom getting ready to leave.

Bill gets to rest after all the work