Grand Opening Burbank Buena Vista Library and Handelclause

On December 7, 2002 we managed to have many things all on the same day. We started at the grand opening of the Buena Vista branch of the Burbank Public Library.

There was a large crowd to see a library. The limited the number of people inside at any time.

The main children's section has a nice reading area with wonderful murals.

Kerry takes Cooper on a riding walk while Campbell looks at books.


After the Grand opening we schlepped over to Canoga Park to see Bill Handel as Handelclause. He was signing pictures and giving out prizes. We won a children's Christmas Pooh DVD, some gourmet strawberries, and dinner for two at Checker's downtown and two tickets to see Mornings at Seven a play at the Music Center. Not too bad for just a wait in line. It was hot, and it was ling, but it was worth the wait.

The KFI van, stuffed with prizes.

Ooo the excitement,

The boys wait in the shade playing with tools and cars.

Bill Handel smiles as Campbell tells him how we listen every morning.