Oh the things we will see

January 2004 I went to CES for business. While there I added several new sightings.

I had been on the exhibit floor just seconds when I ran into Gallagher munching on a slice of watermelon. Having learned my lesson from Kiefer (see below) I asked if I could take his photo. He insisted that I get in the photo with him. Little did I know that later that day I would run into another celebrity who had run for governor of California. He came in 16th of a field of 135 getting 5,466 votes.

While walking through a hotel I spotted Gary Coleman. He has hesitant to have his photo taken, even after I asked first. But after I explained that I had taken a photo of another celebrity who ran for California governor he allowed a photo, and suggested that I get in the photo with him. He came in 8th getting 14,242 votes.

LeAnn Rimes was out hawking for Sirius. She did a mini concert and autograph session.

The week after Christmas 2003, we decided a trip to The Grove would be enjoyable.

While we were there we ran into America's current non-Celeb.

The trash can should give you a hint. Yes we saw Paris Hilton and her friends out for a gawk. After my experience with Kiefer Sutherland, I kept back. I wish I would have taken a video -- It just seems like it would have been the right thing to do.

Paris looks away. Note the Louis Vuiton bag.

Here is a shot someone else took.

Nick Carter on the Phone

While on business in Manhattan, a friend and I spotted Kiefer Sutherland eating at a table near ours. I decided not to bother him while he was eating. We waited outside for him. I thought I would just snap a quick picture of him and not interrupt his day. He stepped towards me and said, "Ask first!".

So I said, "May I take your photograph?", he said "sure", so I did. Then he introduced himself, so I did the same.

His words are often quoted where I work. "Ask First"

During the same trip and at the convention I saw

Yogi Berra he was selling for a phone campany. He kept making mistakes during his presentation. No new Yogi-isms though.