Once again you never know what you'll see in Valencia

Sunday 2 March 2003 we went for lunch at Wolf Creek. It was nice weather so we decided we would walk.

While we were waiting for our order a man (Rob) came riding up on his Segway. I had my digi-camera, so I asked if I could take a few photos. He said sure, then to my amazement, he asked if I wanted to give his Segway a try.

I did, and was it great. If I had a spare $5000.00 I might be convinced I needed one.

Rob uses his to ride from his home in Valencia to the train station, he takes it on the train, and then uses it to get to his office in LA. He says that since he got his Segway everyone talks to him -- he is no longer one of the faceless commuters on the Metrolink -- he is Rob, the guy with the Segway.

Me on the Segway

Me on the Segway turning